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Okay, this is how this LJ is gonna work:

First, this LJ will be friends only. Not only that, but I must also must know you from somewhere before I will add you back. Like if I've met ya through my "real" LJ or something. No "add me, I'll add you back" here. Sorry.

In this LJ I will post lyrics of Implied Lines and Smothered Hope. As much as I'd like them both to have seperate journals, I really don't have the time switching between 3 different journals, so this one will be used for both.

Hopefully, by mid June I will have a couple of tracks for you to listen for each project. If not SM, definitely IL, simply because its moving along pretty well.

For the time being whatever song is under the "current music" that's the tempo that the lyrics should be sung/rhymed to. This does not mean it will be done in the same style or the music will be anything like it...just gives you an idea of what tempo the lyrics are sung/rhymed at.

Constructive criticism is extremely welcomed. But none of that "I didn't like it." or "It kinda sucked, man." This doesn't help me at all. And don't negatively criticise if you don't know anything about the type of music. If you tell me things like lowering the octive or changing up the tempo, you might point out something I entirely missed and allow me to improve upon the song.

If you are totally (no one should be totally) unfamiliar with the type of music I'm doing, I still welcome you to give it a listen/read. I know Smothered Hope maybe hard for the average person to sit through, but I think Implied Lines has a lot of mainstream appeal without necessarily being mainstream...haha.. However, I think they're the honest kind songs more people would like to hear. Which is pretty much what got me started on both of these...if you feel you can do better than what's out there, prove it.